Our Sales & Marketing

Over recent years, marketing has become an important tool in our business advancement. Our marketing strategy and plan enable us to provide our ongoing and potential customers an insight into our company and products. It also helps to open the door for our sales personnel to reach and target prospective customers. Good interpersonal relationship, communication and service between our sales personnel and our customers are of great importance to the company and are our top priority. Since the establishment of Kwan Fung till now, Ten Optimum has steadily built a strong sales and marketing networks in both the domestics and international markets.

To complement this framework of business activity, the Electronic Data Interface (E.D.I) technology is used to improve ordering and sales communications with our customers. We believe by utilizing E.D.I within our day-to-day business operation, it enables us to develop seamless business partnerships with our customers. SERVICE, QUALITY AND COMPETITIVENESS will not be compromised as we believe that all three ingredients are important and necessary in ensuring a harmonious business relationship.

Our Customers

  1. Bakery Industry
  2. Food and Fashion Retailers
  3. Industrial Users
  4. Distributors
  5. Building Industry
  6. Specilized Traders

Our Products

  1. Wicketed Bag for Food & Hygiene Packaging
  2. Soft Loop Handle Bags
  3. Patch Handle Bags
  4. High & Low Density Flat and T-Shirt Bags
  5. Builder Film
  6. Carton Liners for Food Packaging
  7. Bags On Roll
  8. Protective Film
  9. Technical Film for Lamination
  10. PE Sheet in Roll (Flo-Wrap)